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Plan your dream house with MyVirtualHome

MyVirtualHome is a 3D home design app that takes its inspiration from the visual language of base-building video games. You can use it to choose and deploy standard room blocks then modify them by adding new furnishings changing colour schemes and more. Once you've created the design you can take a virtual tour of it from first-person perspective to get an idea of how it looks. You can also modify the exterior of the building adding features to the garden.

Explore your options

MyVirtualHome is simple and easy to use particularly if you've ever played the kind of lair-building video games that inspired it. Modifying parts of the design is simple

just click on them and a menu will pop up showing you their palette and other options. Similarly you can move pieces around your design by clicking and dragging. As with any home design software the main limitation is the availability of the pieces you want. The app has a reasonably varied list of features but if something you want isn't included you can also use its menu to search for examples online and download them into the model. Because this software is designed for the Australian market technical support can be hard to reach in UK business hours.

A useful design tool

An easy to use, fully functional home design program.

MyVirtualHome allows you to easily create your dream home or apartment. You can import a plan or create a design from scratch. Choose from thousands of real products to place in your design and then walk around it in amazing real time 3D.

MyVirtualHome uses a simple and intuitive menu system that will get you started fast. Most people can learn the basics in 10 minutes and are creating a full design in less than an hour. The software also features an incredibly accurate lighting model that lets you set your lat/long and time of year for amazing shadow and real time lighting effects.


  • Simple interface
  • Design element library
  • Virtual tour


  • Limited tech support

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MyVirtualHome 4 for PC

User reviews about MyVirtualHome

  • sam drew

    by sam drew

    When downloading the software it changes to another program that requires payment to use

  • Barbara Baldwin

    by Barbara Baldwin

    my security software deemed this app dangerous and would not allow it to install

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Easy click to place home design program.
    I have used MyVirtualHome since I received a free copy with the Better Homes and GardensMore

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